2019 Rock Camp Revival

Proudly Presented by Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers

When: Weekly, one hour rehearsals begin May 25th, 2019. Final concert on June 30th.

Where: Johnstonbaugh's Music Centers in Allison Park, Bridgeville, or Golden Mile with a final performance at one of Pittsburgh's concert venues (details to come)!

How: Enroll by downloading the form and submitting to your nearest JMC store no later than May 15th, 2019.

Why: To blast sweet, crunchy, rock tunes into a crowd of adoring fans. Why else?

Rock Camp Basics

Johnstonbaugh's Music is proud and excited to reignite the Rock Camp program! For those of you who have never experienced Rock Camp, the premise is simple: Music students sign up for camp, are put into bands, taught how to play rock songs in by store teachers, and finally, are unleashed onto an audience of hundreds of fans. Before you enroll we'd like to take this opportunity to go over a few things with you, starting with some of what's expected of you, the participant.

What You Need to Know:

1. Our instructors are dedicated to making this a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved, but there is a lot of work to be done; please respect everyone's time by being prepared and acting professional (arrive promptly, no noodling during breaks, etc.). Being in a band is like being on a sports team; everyone must be properly warmed up, practiced, and ready to give their best team effort when the time comes!

2. Gear is provided at practices and shows. Other than students using their own guitars and basses and similar items, we provide the larger things like drum sets, keyboards, amps, microphones, and P.A. gear. The show itself allows students to play on professional equipment, with a top-flight sound system.

3. Full band practices at the store will take place roughly in the five weekends before the show, with the preceding weeks in May spent with students learning the music on their own time and with the help of their private teachers, in order to work out the bugs. Students should have a working knowledge of their music before the first store rehearsal at the end of May.

Here are the details that will be available shortly:

1. Band assignments (i.e., who is in what band with whom and instructor info)
2. Song selection, provided by your Rock Camp instructor
3. Exact practice dates and times as well as the location of the final concert
4. Band names, uniforms, slogans, merchandise, roadies, theme songs, bad jokes, record deals, worldwide fame and fortune, etc. *
*JMC does not under any circumstances promise record deals and/or worldwide fame and fortune